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Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Dean of Medicine, Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

1 April
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Dr. Lisa Cuddy

BACKGROUND: Cuddy attended University of Michigan where she was an undergraduate. During this time, she met Gregory House who was already a legend on campus. Her dream of being a doctor began when she was twelve, and she graduated medical school at age twenty-five as second best in her class, and became the first woman and second youngest Dean of Medicine ever at age thirty-two.

Cuddy met House at the University of Michigan after he had transferred from another school, Johns Hopkins University. Later on, when House got an infarction in his right leg, he was treated at Princeton Plainsboro where Cuddy was not yet Dean of Medicine. His doctors could not figure out what was wrong with his leg, so Cuddy became his attending doctor. Despite the danger the dead muscle posed (generating clots that could block key blood vessels), House refused to amputate, saying he liked his leg and was willing to risk his life to keep it. Meanwhile his girlfriend, Stacy Warner, told him he should cut it off to survive. It was Cuddy who told Stacy that there was a middle ground between completely amputating the leg or keeping it. They would have to cut out the dead muscle with a 50% success rate. If this middle ground failed, House would be a cripple for the rest of his life and be in constant pain, but if it were to succeed, his thigh muscle would grow back and he'd be able to walk properly. During the worst of his leg-pains at the hospital, House requested being put into a chemically-induced coma to sleep through it. However, once he was unconscious, Stacy (as his medical proxy) consented to the middle-ground surgery for him.

PRESENT: There is a degree of sexual tension between Gregory House and Cuddy. They spent a night together in college and it seems the UST has never been resolved since. Cuddy yearns to be a mother and has tried to conceive unsuccessfully via IVF, one attempt of which results in a miscarriage. In light of her failures to fall pregnant, Cuddy has begun to lose hope of having a baby and following some nasty remarks from House about her ability to be a good mother, she doubts whether she is cut out for it anymore. She is now focused on running Princeton Plainsboro to the best of her ability and trying - in vain - to keep House in line and not have a nervous breakdown from his unconventional methods.

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"There already is a mechanism for that, it's called the employer / employee relationship. I get what I want - and you don't."
- Dr. Lisa Cuddy, 3x01 "Meaning"

For etrelibre_rpg
Cuddy will join etrelibre_rpg and arrive on the island at the end of House, M.D. episode 5x06 "Joy" when Cuddy is trying to deal with the aftermath of trying to adopt a baby girl.

For headtrauma_rpg
Cuddy is a member of the House, M.D. RPG, headtrauma_rpg. This game picks up at the end of Season 4, where it deviates from canon a little. Visit the game's profile for more info. House and Cuddy will eventually come together in this verse, though how remains to be seen.

Contact dean_ofmedicine
Cuddy or her mun can be contacted by leaving a message at THIS POST.

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